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Elegant environment

Food and space often cooperate to bring sensory enjoyment and create a beautiful atmosphere. As one of the best, the elegant atmosphere of ClubOne embodies a simple European style, as if time goes back to the most glorious Hong Kong in the last century, where the elegant gentleman in a suit who pays attention to everywhere and does not lose his thoughtful demeanor.

Wonderful food

A little delicacy, a endless variety. In ClubOne, people can taste a rich variety.

From Cantonese cuisine, popular flavors such as Cantonese-style morning tea, to high-end delicious dishes such as abalone wings and belly, to Sichuan-like hot and spicy Sichuanese, you can choose what you want.


Extraordinary taste

Using only high-quality ingredients and special cooking techniques, it changes the image of the traditional Cantonese menu.

About ClubOne

ClubOne officially opened in early 2019.  Since the beginning of the establishment, all the dishes and ingredients have been selected by famous chefs, collecting rare materials from all over the world, striving for the perfection of each dish with the heart of a craftsman, and giving full play to the original characteristics of Cantonese cuisine. Satisfy every diner’s appetite.


Chef Recommendations

Must try list / Club dishes